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If you are interested in our gorgeous, morally sourced Remi Cachet hair extensions why not book in for a consultation. We allow a period of 30 to 45 minutes for an in-depth consultation and offer a range of methods to suit each and every individuals needs.

During your consultation we will discuss methods to suit your lifestyle, method type, amount of hair, colour matching and pricing. So what's holding you back, why not start your new hair journey today.


Remi Cachet




Overview of Elegance range

Remi Cachet’s Elegance Range is their finest quality human hair sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia.   Together with delicate production and hand selection of the hair ensures the quality and rating as AAAA*.


As our name suggests, the hair is remi (the hair cuticles are intact) and double drawn (the same width at the top and bottom) to give you confidence to style your hair as if it was your own.   With good regular maintenance at home and return visits to refit extensions; the hair will last over 12 months. 

Elegance, Mini Tips

Our most popular hair extension with clean and easy application as well as removal. With the excellent hair quality of the Elegance Range; the Mini Tips®  are designed to work with the Mini Locks®. The German Keratin Bond is softer to work better as a cushion inside the Mini Lock®  to create tiny flat bonds so comfortable to wear and discreet so no one would know you have extensions. 

Elegance, Mini Tip application, Russian Mongolian Hair, Ultra Locks™, Ultra tips™

Ultra Tips® are a revolutionary new hair extension system that is reusable without the need to ever re-tip the hair. Ultra Flat, Ultra Light, Ultra Coverage and now available in our Russian & Mongolian hair type.

This new extension tip is not affected by heat or product damage and is completely re-usable time and time again. Lying completely flat with the natural flow of the hair, they are fitted using the oval-shaped Ultra Lock® and work similarly to our Mini Tip® & Mini Lock® system.

Elegance, Mini Tips hair extensions, Mini Tip application, pre-bonded hair, Pro Tips, Russian Mongolian Hair, Ultra Locks™, UltraTips™

Launched at Salon International 2018, the Pro Tips® are a smaller micro ring to the popular Ultra Tips®.    The patented design is a unique shape for the tip to lie completely flat to the natural flow of hair, and these smaller sized tips allow extensionists to apply them discretely to hairlines where the larger bonds might be seen.   The Pro Tips® will also be suitable alternative to those with super fine hair.

Like the Ultra Tip®, the benefits of this type of bond includes reusability without the need to ever re-tip the hair and the extension tip is not affected by heat or product damage.     They are fitted using the oval-shaped Ultra Lock® and work similarly to our Mini Tip® & Mini Lock® system

Elegance, Tape hair

These Russian-Mongolian Elegance Tape hair extensions strips are injection moulded to allow for the extensions to securely attach to the clients hair comfortably. The advantage of the injection-moulded tape is that it blends with the hair, making the extensions less visible.

With recommended maintenance every 6-9 weeks on the injection tape hair extensions, the extensionists can re-fit the hair with new tape tabs and allow the hair extensions to be used for +12 months wear, making them great value.

'My new hair changed my life.'


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